Supply & Installation Of Fire Sprinkler, MVWS & HVWS Nozzle System

Installed Automatic HVWS System at Power Transformer

MVWS :- Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle use to Protect conveyor. We design and installed automatic MVWS system along the conveyor integrated with LHS cable and fire alarm panel and deluge valve system.

HVWS :- High Velocity Water Spray nozzle use to protect transformer. We design and installed automatic HVWS system along with deluge valve and pumps.

Sprinkler System :- We provide Sprinkler System in required areas such as hospitals, malls, complex, offices etc. These sprinklers fitted at pipelines with closed nozzles. The nozzles open separately when heated by fire or hot flue gases. Extinguishing water is sprayed selectively on the source of the fire. Water is also sprayed on the surrounding area and therefore prevents the fire from spreading.

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